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Lamson Test Kitchen: Game Day Favorites

Lamson Test Kitchen: Game Day Favorites

Kick Off Tailgating Season with Lamson

Football is back and that means tailgating season with Lamson Products! 

There is no better way to enjoy Fall, football and friends than with weekend tailgate parties and game day get togethers. No matter what is on the menu, Lamson has a full roster of kitchen tools to make every dish a champion. 

Watch the video of this recipe with Jake Duncan of JBFoodies.

Game Day Traditions

Almost every sports fan has a set of special game day traditions and that includes the food they serve! Popular tailgate menus typically includes sliders, nachos, chips and salsa, a variety of hearty dips, and of course, chicken wings with crispy veggies. The 7" Premier Forged Nakiri Knife is a team standout for ensuring quality cuts of chicken and works equally as well when slicing fresh celery and carrots for the perfect tray. 

chicken wings

What is a Nakiri Knife? 

The Nakiri knife has a deep belly on the knife with a predominantly straight edge crafted for chopping rather than rocking. The side of the knife resembles a meat cleaver. However, the Nakiri is lighter, with a slimmer blade, allowing it to easily handle chopping and slicing in a much safer manner than most knives. 

For this recipe, we recommend high quality pastured chicken from sustainably minded farms like Neighbours Farmstead in Phoenixville, PA.

1. Using fresh whole wings, separate the drum from the flat using your Lamson Nakiri.

2. Once cleaned, pat the chicken dry and place your wings in a bowl. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder until seasoned to your preference.

3. Use a fryer or a Dutch oven and fill it appropriately with neutral high heat oil, light canola, or vegetable oil. Bring the temp up to 350° and add safely your wings in batches. Fry for about 5-7 minutes, depending on how crispy you want them. After removing from oil, add sprinkles of salt to them immediately and set them aside. 

Blue Cheese Dressing 

Pro Tip: Use locally sourced, organic blue cheese for best results.

Add the blue cheese to a blender, along with a few dollops of sour cream, mayonnaise, a splash of milk, 3 cloves of garlic, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
Pulsate the blender a few times, then toss in some extra crumbles of blue cheese to send your taste buds into overtime! 

Pro Tip: Use Lamson Silicone Pinch Cups to maintain perfect portions of your favorite seasonings. 

Wings with Nakiri Knife

Get the Extra Point: Sauce 'em and Top 'em 

Jake of JBFoodies uses a mixture of Frank's RedHot, Hank Sauce hot sauce, and butter. 

Heat the mixture until the butter has fully melted. Toss your freshly cooked wings in a bowl of the sauce and plate them alongside the blue cheese, celery, and carrots.

Garnish your dish with fresh chives and enjoy your delicious game day wings! 
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