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Charity Spotlight: Regarding Her

Charity Spotlight: Regarding Her

The Mission 

Moments can define movements. Those movements quite often redefine lives. The beneficiaries of the nonprofit, Regarding Her, also known as RE: HER, have firsthand knowledge of the impact that life’s defining moments are able to create. Founded during the 2020 pandemic by an all-female collective, Regarding Her is actively redefining how communities support women entrepreneurs, while simultaneously creating a movement of its own. The organization has transformed the way women-owned businesses are being built and supported by evoking crowdsourcing for its tax-deductible donations.     

The Advocates 

Among the devastating effects of Covid 19 was its negative impact on existing and start-up businesses. In response, the founders of Regarding Her each felt driven to empower and advance women, women of color, indigenous women, LGBTQ+ and identifying women as food and beverage entrepreneurs. Through a series of platforms, RE: HER oversees the nonprofit’s vision to leverage resources for the benefit of women entrepreneurs in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. The public funds that are raised are invested in business coaching and marketing, resource development, and network growth. Other investments include various community and social causes related to diversity, inclusion, and mental health. Building healthy network connections is the core of the organization’s work.    


Regarding Her Charity


The Impact 

Collaborations, learning events, and cash grants have been a few of the ways in which Regarding Her has extended its help into the female culinary community. RE: HER is committed to long-term business development, and has continued to grow its charitable brand by including the sale of online merchandise, aimed at increasing the visibility of its supportive efforts. What began as a short-term financial resource to assist women-owned businesses during the pandemic has, itself, become a nationally celebrated women-owned business. Those who seek to make a tax-deductible donation or make a supportive purchase can do so at


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