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Jeremiah Josey

Jeremiah Josey

Dessert First 

The first meals that Jeremiah Josey grew passionate about were the desserts he helped his grandmother prepare during weekend visits. There was something about baking pumpkin pies, cookies, cheesecakes, and other sweets that captured his interest more than any of the savory dishes they created together. He attributes a large part of his early delight in working in the kitchen to the precise measurements and methodical processes that baking requires. As a high-functioning autistic child, he realized that he displayed a greater focus, and gained personal fulfillment, with every treat he crafted for himself and for others. Seeing others react joyfully to his creations sparked within him a desire to use cooking as a way to touch the soul.  


Cooking Adventures  

Charged and inspired by his newly found baking interest, Jeremiah committed to taking instruction at the Culinary Institute of America in the Fall of 2020. It is there that he challenged himself to meet the rigorous demands of classes, while also discovering his own independence. Being away from the security and convenience of his life at home afforded Jeremiah an opportunity to grow within his independence and to educate others on Autism. His kitchen talent, along with his genuine drive to establish understanding and empathy for the Autistic community, has also garnered Jeremiah national attention, which shines a spotlight on those affected by the spectrum disorder. His multiple media appearances on programs like the Steve Harvey Show have given the young, published author a national platform with which he is able to create greater awareness. For Jeremiah, cooking has unfolded a whole new world, where his adventures await.     


Jeremiah Josey on World Autism Awareness Day



Influence & Inspiration 

Jeremiah encourages his followers and fans to be happy, to be excited about their work, and follow their dreams. His dedication and journey are on full display on his Youtube channel, where he openly shares his world with the public. All too often, social media influencers are chastised for providing highlights and successes to the public and for rarely showcasing growth or struggles. Jeremiah’s desire to help others is indicative of his genuine desire to be understood. Autism itself is sometimes misunderstood, and its community often looked past for high-profile opportunities. By demonstrating that each of us possesses the ability to determine our own latitude, regardless of our background, environment, or health challenges, Jeremiah is an amazing inspiration to us all.  


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