Meet our best-selling Cleaver!

Our 8” Chinese Santoku is the cleaver for all your kitchen cutting needs. Ergonomically designed for safe and comfortable use (no matter your knife wielding style!), each cleaver features a full-tang blade made of stainless steel and hand sharpened for a razor-sharp edge.

Offered in 3 different handles, we offer this classic, versatile cleaver for every kitchen style.


The Brad Leone Signature Series features a Walnut Handle with streamlined design. It’s sleek and to the point.

Check out the Brad Leone Signature Series in action here!



Our Classic version is more traditional in its design, with a robust handle ready to complement your existing kitchen arsenal.

The Classic Rosewood Edition features a warm, rich hue with dark veining in the wood. 

Our Classic Walnut Edition boasts a pale, milk chocolate brown handle. Paired with gold accents, it’s a sophisticated classic. 

Protected when paired with our Leather Santoku Sheath, this cleaver stores safely in a kitchen drawer, ready to chop.

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