Skewer like a pro with these quick tips!

Save the skewer with these quick and easy tips. Trust us, the kebabs will no longer be the last ones left at your spread. 

1. To avoid charred wooden skewers, soak them in water for 20mins before grilling.

2. Keep juicy food from sliding off by adding a wedge of lemon or bread to the end.

3. Brush fruit with oil or melted butter to prevent it from sticking. Fruits grill best when almost ripe and firm.

4. Put two parallel skewers through scallops to avoid them spinning when you do the mighty flip.

5. Instead of mixing veggies, add all of the same to a skewer allowing them to cook perfectly together. 

6. When grilling skinny food, like asparagus, make a raft by using two widely spread parallel skewers allowing them to cook perfectly and avoid slipping through the grate. 

7. Dress to impress. Serve with a sauce like garlic yogurt or sweet-chili and leave everyone wanting more!



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