You’re kitchen needs at least one of these…

An Elegant Rocker – Meet the Ulu Knife, your soon-to-be go-to for all your kitchen cutting! This rocker is an extremely versatile kitchen tool; great for cutting all sorts of meats, vegetables, cheeses, fish and seafood. Did we mention it’s also the perfect mini pizza rocker? Ulu does it all and more! 


A Cleaver to Get the Job Done – Every kitchen needs a good meat cleaver. Whether you are chopping vegetables for curry or prepping a cut of meat for the barbecue, our cleavers can handle it all. The 7.25” Meat Cleaver (pictured) is designed with a thick blade, ready to split bone for your Saturday ribs. Our 8” Chinese Vegetable Cleaver functions as an elegant Chef’s knife for chopping and slicing all your veggies and more! And finally, our best-selling 8” Chinese Santoku is the versatile cleaver for all your kitchen needs. If you're looking for an amazingly strong and versatile knife, the Cleaver is for you. 


A Reliable Pair of Shears – Stop hunting for the kitchen scissors and get yourself a good pair of shears. Kitchen shears are ideal for quickly cutting fresh herbs and opening hard to tear packaging. Our Forged Breakaway Kitchen Shears (top) can be easily taken apart and cleaned – perfect for sanitizing after preparing meat. Get the job done even faster with Poultry Shears. Our Poultry Shears with Forged Blades (bottom) help you quickly and efficiently separate poultry, just like the pros. 





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