The Lamson lifetime guarantee

Your satisfaction, our priority

At Lamson, we take immense pride in our products and genuinely appreciate our customers. We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your Lamson experience.

Our knives and tools are crafted to be resilient and purpose-driven. In the unlikely event that your Lamson product experiences a manufacturing defect, we offer free repair or replacement – forever.

While we have full confidence in the durability of our knives and tools, we stand behind our guarantee to take care of you should any issues arise.

Learn how to hone your knives using Lamson Sharpening Steel with our instructional video.

Initiating a warranty claim

If you suspect any issues with the original material or craftsmanship of your product, please follow these steps to begin the evaluation process:

Access the “Warranty Form” button.


Fill out the online form with the necessary information and submit.


You will receive an email containing a copy of the form. Print and include the form with your shipment.


Remember to save the PDF for your records.

Please Note: Products without Noir handles are not dishwasher safe. Placing these products in the dishwasher will void the lifetime guarantee.

Sharp for life

Lamson’s free lifelong knife sharpening program.

Keep your Lamson knives sharp and safe by having them professionally resharpened by our skilled craftsmen.

Just follow these simple steps


Choose the number of knives you need sharpened.


provide a short description of each knife.


Add to cart and check out


securely package your knives and include a copy of your order.


ship to lamson at
79 Mainline Drive, Westfield, MA 01085

The Sharp for Life program is for Lamson Knives only. Our professional sharpening service is complimentary, customers only pay for freight charges to and from the factory. We’ll take care of the rest, and soon your Sharp For Life knives will be back in top form!

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to resharpen knives with serrated edges.

  • Return shipping costs

Tips for secure packaging


Carefully wrap clean Lamson knives in bubble wrap and/or several layers of newspaper and/or cardboard sleeves.


Securely pack contents into a shipping box, ensuring that knives fit snug and do not move about in the box.


Pay extra special attention to the tips of knives to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of package handlers.


Include a copy of your order inside the box.

Essential tools for knife care

Maintaining and preserving your Lamson knife or kitchen tool at home is easy with our range of essential products.

Honing steel

Lamson’s 10″ Sharpening Steel is a chef’s best friend for maintaining knife sharpness. Purchase it individually or as part of our exclusive block sets, available in various finishes.

Dual-sided leather strop

For an exceptionally sharp edge, Lamson offers a Dual-Sided Leather Strop to remove microscopic burrs from the blade’s edge.

Knifesafe knife protectors

Ensure safe storage with our KnifeSafe Knife Protectors. Available in four sizes to fit most standard knives, they protect blades from damage and prevent personal injury during transport and storage.

Lamson’s Mineral Oil for Walnut Handle Care

To keep walnut-handled knives and tools in optimal condition, avoid dishwasher use as it damages the wood. Instead, rinse and wash them in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly, and store. Apply a light application of Lamson’s mineral oil to keep the wood healthy and prevent drying out and splintering.


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick and effortless answers to frequently asked questions in Lamson’s FAQ section, empowering you to easily find the information you seek. Explore now and get the knowledge you need at your fingertips!