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Premier 3 Piece Barbecue Set 20"



Lamson® new Premier Barbecue Series combines high quality with superior performance to enhance your grilling experience. Each Premier tool is expertly hand crafted with a smooth walnut handle with silver rivets that transitions to a rugged and thick stainless steel and designed to withstand the heat of the grill. The extra-long handle protects the hand and the weight and rugged construction speaks to the Lamson® workmanship and superior quality.


    The versatile 2 tine fork with nearly 10 inches of stainless steel, tapered to 4 inch tines is prepared to handle the largest t-bone and any of your grilling needs. Includes a rawhide loop for hanging.
    The sleek design of the six slotted turner will gently handle delicate foods like fish yet the the rugged construction stands up to the heaviest meats. Includes a rawhide loop for hanging.
  • 20" TONGS
    The tongs are made to tackle whatever is on the grill. Designed to keep your hand safely away from the heat this handy tool will not bend or weaken when faced with the task of moving large items, yet versatile for so much more. Includes a rawhide loop for hanging.


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