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Brad Leone Signature Series Turners with POM or Walnut Handles

SKU 39585
Handle Material:
POM (Black)

Brad Leone Designed and Approved

Cut from heat-treated 410 stainless steel for strength and durability, these unique turners complement every kitchen mood! Designed by Brad Leone to be corrosion-resistant and comfortable to handle, each turner is meticulously crafted with a thin edge for easy lifting, flipping, turning, and serving.  Grab either the small or mid-size turner for casual meal prep or reach for the large one when it's time to show who's boss! 

Fantastic for use on both Indoor and Outdoor Grill and Griddles

The durable POM handles possess a brilliant sheen finish while the Walnut Handles have a deep lustrous wood finish. Nickel-silver rivets complement the blade and are specially designed to keep your hands clear of heat! 

Choose from a Small, Medium or Large Size. Each tool sold separately.

  • Small - Overall Length - 9.6"; Blade Length - 2.9" Blade Width - 2.5"; Weight - 4.8 oz
  • MediumOverall Length - 10.5"; Blade Length - 4.6" Blade Width - 4.0"; Weight - 6.7 oz
  • Large - Overall Length - 9.6"; Blade Length - 5.0" Blade Width - 8.0"; Weight - 14.1 oz

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