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Cleavers & Boning Knives

The classic meat cleaver inspires a riddle of sorts: When is a less sharp blade a better blade? When its central function is to split bone.

Meat cleavers have very thick blades, allowing a butcher to successfully perform the most blunt and forceful of culinary tasks. Mighty, indispensable, but intentionally obtuse, a true meat cleaver is not built for fine cutting or chopping – and that’s OK. Enter the meat cleaver’s sharper and gentler counterparts: Lamson’s own walnut Chinese vegetable cleaver and our insanely versatile Ulu knife. These expertly crafted tools are pros at slicing and dicing veggies, cutting boneless meat, transferring pieces to the pot, and more.

It seems there is virtually nothing this unique category of cutlery cannot do. If you’ve got cuts to make, you can leave it to cleaver.



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