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Lamson cutlery and kitchen tools are designed to make every cooking experience not only easy and seamless, but rewarding and fun. Add our essential accessories, and that experience may well become nothing short of perfect.

In 1999, Lamson purchased Tree Spirit™, a company whose tradition of handcrafted quality mirrors our own. This acquisition has allowed us to offer professional-quality hardwood kitchen accessories, including cutting boards, bowls, utensils, and storage products, in addition to our own signature handmade goods.

Some say if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. At Lamson, we say stay and embrace it. In 2002, we introduced an exclusive new product set that allows you to manage searing heat safely, protecting hands, surfaces and your delectable foods. With our exclusive HotSpot™ silicone brand, we pioneered an area of technology now regarded as a staple of the modern kitchen for its high heat resistance, superior flexibility, and nonstick properties. Our HotSpots are professional-grade heat resistant to 675 degrees, BPA free, FDA approved, nonstick and dishwasher safe—the best in the industry.

If you love to accessorize, learn more about our exciting collection of these and other kitchen must-haves.
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