• Folding Utility Knife 5" - Lamson
  • Folding Utility Knife 5" - Lamson

Folding Utility Knife 5"



The Utility Knife is a general purpose folding knife excellent for cutting vegetables, dicing fruits, slicing cheese, mincing onions, trimming fat and other daily cooking tasks. Larger than the paring knife but smaller than the chef's knife, the utility knife is the cook's go-to knife every day in the kitchen. But what about when you are travelling?

Problem solved. The Folding Utility Knife is the ideal companion to every picnic basket. Versatile and strong like the house version, the Folding Utility Knife is light, compact and perfect when tailgating, boating or camping. Even keep one in your kitchen drawer. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Imported from China

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