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It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and the legendary Ulu knife is an excellent case in point. Once dependent on their own industrious creativity for daily survival, indigenous peoples of the Arctic region are widely known for the rudimentary yet incredibly useful tools they crafted from rock and bone. So ingenious were many of these natives’ essential designs that they’re still in use today. Though the fortunate advent of modern materials has refined it, the Ulu knife remains as versatile, valuable, and in-demand as it ever was.   

A standout among our cutlery for its unique look and function, Lamson’s stainless-steel Ulu knife symbolizes our regard for its resourceful inventors. (We do, after all, revel in both history and handcrafted beauty.) Durable enough to skin game in a bitter northern blizzard, today’s Ulu has countless places in today’s warm and modern kitchen. This knife’s distinctive rocking motion offers a refreshing variation on traditional methods of cutting meats, vegetables, cheeses, pizza and more.

Discover a different kind of effortless cut with Lamson’s Ulu knife. It’s a small but rich slice of history.  

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