Spreaders and Spatulas

Ready to lay it on thick? Make sure you’ve got just the right tool for the task. Our vast variety of spreaders and spatulas is collectively designed for both delicate and heavier jobs. Lamson’s stainless steel offset spats are known throughout the industry as the best of their kind, their multiple handle options and triple rivets allowing for both beauty and function. We’ve got the perfect size for frosting your cupcakes, and another for icing your sheet cake. Our signature offset design helps keep your hand on the handle and away from the gooey sweetness. Are traditional wooden implements more your style? Explore the versatility of our TreeSpirit® line of spreading tools, featuring an exclusive hardwood condiment paddle to assist with your most serious sandwich.

Take it from Lamson: knives are made for cutting. When it comes to the art of the spread, it’s best to call on the specialists.    

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