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Sarah Bellows, Massachusetts

hidden treasure

It was a bittersweet task clearing out my grandmother’s home after she peacefully passed away last year. I came across an old Lamson knife that had a weathered wooden handle and some rust on the blade. My husband said he thought Lamson was a good brand that restored their old and broken knives rather than trashing them. I called them and turns out it is true. I packaged up the knife and sent it off, without any big expectations that it could be fixed.

A few weeks later, I received the knife back, and I was amazed. Lamson had taken great care to maintain its antique charm while giving it a sharp, polished edge. Now, that knife is a treasure to me. It reminds me of my grandma and all the love she had for cooking and feeding us all. I just wanted to say thank you for making it special again and for helping keep a piece of her with me.

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8″ Vintage Bread Knife with Walnut Handle

I gave this to my husband as a gift and he loved it. It cuts very smoothly and love that it has a cleaning cloth. My husband loves Lamson products because of the quality.

Forged Take-Apart Kitchen Shears

The best feature of these shears is “precision!” They cut beautifully and are so easy to take apart and clean. Since I am a “lefty” using shears is always a challenge – these shears are a dream to use left-handed. I’ve cut up everything from veggies to a whole chicken. Amazingly, these shears don’t “look” like they could handle the big tasks – but there is no flex to the blades and they will go through very heavy fat and tissue. Couldn’t be more pleased.

8″ Premier Forged Chef's Knife

My knife is close to perfection. It came expertly sharpened. It’s obvious that the blade is made of the highest quality steel, and the balance of the weight makes the knife super-easy to use, it feels natural in your hand. You feel like you have a tool forged by an expert blacksmith back in the old west. Highly recommend Lamson, and I’ll be buying more knives and tools from this company.

Vintage 3-Piece Cook's Set

I love the look and feel of all of these knives. I received the set as a birthday gift with the honing rod and magnetic knife bar as well. Every knife was super sharp right out of the box, finish and detail on the handles was perfect. I can see this this set easily lasting for decades.

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