The Alaskan Ulu Knife

The Alaskan Ulu Knife

September 27, 2022

Tradition and Uses

Uluit (plural of ulu) date back as early as 2500 BCE within the Inuit culture. As part of tradition, the Ulu is typically passed down from one generation to the next. It was believed that an ancestor’s knowledge was retained in the ulu and would also be passed on to the new recipient. Essentially, the Ulu is an all-purpose knife used for diverse applications such as in the skinning and cleaning of animals, and even in the construction of igloos.   

Design & Functionality 

The Ulu’s shape ensures that force is centered across the middle of the blade, offering increased cutting power.. Rocking the knife pins down the object further demonstrates the Ulu’s ability to quickly and easily cut. Additionally, it provides an easier approach when using a knife with only one hand.

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Quality Lamson Craftsmanship  

Constructed from hardened and tempered high-carbon stainless steel, and tapered to a fine edge, the Lamson Ulu is a slicing machine. Finely sharpened yet strong, the blade will cut consistently for years, without requiring sharpening. The smooth walnut handle adds style, comfort, function, as well as durability. Remarkably versatile, the Ulu is ideal for cutting meats, vegetables, cheeses, and even pizza! Its unique design and impeccable function is sure to make the Ulu your new favorite kitchen tool.

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