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About Lamson

A fusion of artistry and functionality: Our knives and kitchen tools are created for expert chefs and home culinary enthusiasts alike

Established in Massachusetts in 1837, Lamson is proud to be the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States. Our name is synonymous with American artistry and carries with it a distinguished history—in 1869 newly-elected US President Ulysses S. Grant was presented a 62-piece Lamson dinner set at the White House. Pieces of this extraordinary gift remain in the nation’s capital on display at the Smithsonian Institution.

Today, our talented artisans still handcraft each piece in western Massachusetts—an extensive selection of elegantly functional products, including laser-cut and forged cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools.

Over the years we’ve survived major world events, difficult financial times, and even a natural disaster that forced us to relocate from our original factory. Through it all, our spirit and commitment to American craftsmanship has not diminished. On the contrary, these experiences have inspired a renewed celebration of our heritage – the superior quality, service, and passion for excellence that would make our founders proud.

With designs as diverse as the professional and household needs we supply, Lamson products are at once high-performing and stylish, traditional and innovative. As we move toward a third century in a business we’ve long exemplified, our mission remains steadfast: to aim for nothing short of American-made perfection.     

Experience products handcrafted with care and deep-rooted in tradition: Experience Lamson

Lifetime Guarantee

At Lamson, we are extremely proud of our products and sincerely value our customers. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Lamson experience.

If one of our products fails to perform, we will replace free of charge—forever.


Sharp 4 Life

Click here to download the Sharp4Life submission form

Lamson provides a unique factory knife sharpening program, called “Sharp for Life,” as a lifelong benefit for Lamson customers. It is important to Lamson that our non-commercial customers can have their knives sharpened by the craftsmen who originally manufactured them.

  • “Sharp for Life” is for FORGED Lamson knives only, excluding serrated knives.
  • This program is designed for home cooks only - no food service professionals.
  • Again forged knives only, do not send scissors, shears, serrated knives or blocks.

Shipping and handling:
Please include $15.00 for shipping & handling for the first (4) forged knives & $5.00 for each additional knife.

Please make checks or money orders payable to:
LongCap Lamson Products
(You may want to consider adding insurance in the event your package is lost during shipment.)

Download a Sharp for Life Form:
Include a completed copy of the knife sharpening form that lists (in sufficient detail) all of the knives you are sending to be sharpened. When completing your form(s), please be sure to include your “ship-to” address, as well as your email and daytime phone number. Attach a check or money order for $15.00 to cover return shipping and handling, for the first (4) knives and $5.00 for each additional forged knife. LongCap Lamson Products is not responsible for shipping charges.

Instructions for safely preparing your knives for shipping:

  1. Please carefully wrap clean Lamson knives in bubble wrap and/or several layers of newspaper and/or cardboard sleeves.
  2. Next, securely and snugly pack contents into a shipping box including packing paper, wrap, packaging sleeves, and/or shipping peanuts, to further help secure items and to help prevent them from puncturing the box they are enclosed in. It is important to pay extra special attention to the tips of knives so that they are packaged with enough care to ensure their safety, as well as, the safety for package handlers.

Address for package shipments:
LongCap Lamson Products, 79 Mainline Drive, Westfield, MA, 01085

Return Time
Please anticipate a 2-week turnaround under normal conditions. Knives dropped off at our Factory outlet located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, may require an additional 1-2 weeks for their return to the Factory outlet.



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