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What does it mean to be a cut above?

To us, it means embracing both evolution in design and a history rich with dedicated craftsmanship. Honoring a legacy to always work with passion, never with compromise. It means having a keen understanding of what makes a product just right in every way. We believe that when mastered, this fusion of ideals results in unmatched quality, performance, and appeal. 

Welcome to Lamson, America’s oldest manufacturer of fine cutlery, kitchen tools, and trade tools for home and professional use.  Since handcrafting our first pieces in 1837 at our modest shop in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, Lamson has continued to create products that meet ever-changing industry and consumer needs. What hasn’t changed over a span of 180 years? The passionate commitment to quality, durability, and precision that inspired our industrious forbears every day.

Explore a world of superior implements.

Right here in Massachusetts, Lamson’s highly skilled crafters continue to custom make a wide array of distinctive tools for food preparation and industrial use. We begin with the finest materials available and finish with detailed signature touches that are all our own.

Our handcrafted line includes:

  • Fine kitchen cutlery – chef knives, paring knives, filet/boning knives, bread knives, specialty knives, steak/tomato knives, slicing knives, cleavers, Santoku knives, carving knives, and all-purpose shears
  • Exquisite sets -- steak knife sets, chef sets, pro cook sets, block sets, and carver sets
  • Kitchen necessities – turners, servers, spatulas, mashers, spreaders, bowl chopper, and barbecue tools
  • HotSpot® silicone accessories – potholders, trivets, coasters, and more
  • Storage and care products – knife safes, sharpeners, and protective oils
  • Industrial trade tools – utility knives, folding knives, putty knives and scrapers, laboratory instruments, and landscaping/pruning tools

We invite you to learn more about Lamson’s intriguing history, unique philosophy, and distinguished artistry. You’re sure to agree that when it comes to optimizing the culinary experience, we are, quite simply, a cut above the rest.  



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