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Silicone Potholders & Trivets

A hot pot can burn. A HotSpot® can protect. For the countless satisfied owners of Lamson’s innovative line of silicone products, it’s an age-old kitchen quandary solved by applying modern materials.

In 2002, Lamson introduced an exclusive new product set that allows for safe management of searing heat, protecting hands, surfaces, and foods. With our HotSpot® silicone brand, we pioneered an area of technology now regarded as a staple of the modern kitchen for its high heat resistance, superior flexibility, and nonstick properties. From our Original HotSpot®, the ultimate potholder, trivet, and jar opener in one, our HotSpot® line has grown into a colorful collection of unique silicone accessories. Discover a different kind of comfort and convenience in the kitchen—one that helps you keep your cool.



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