Knife Sets

As cooks who demand both ease and precision know, the only thing better than a Lamson knife is a perfectly packaged assortment of them.

Lamson has been a trusted name in American-made cutlery since 1837. It’s little wonder, then, that our knife blocks and other cutlery sets have become mainstays in professional and household kitchens nationwide.

When you invest in one of our strategically assembled sets, you’re acquiring an invaluable unit of superior kitchen tools that will last a lifetime.

All Lamson hand crafted forged and laser-cut knives are made from the finest high-carbon stainless steel and carry our promise of free lifetime sharpening (see our Sharp for Life brochure). Available in different handle finishes, your knives also will provide an impressively stylish touch to your kitchen for years to come. Match a handle with your décor and lifestyle, and choose from a wide variety of blades.

Because our sets come in a variety of sizes, we’ve got the perfect fit for every culinary operation. Our wooden knife blocks with horizontal slots eliminate contact stress while providing an attractively ideal storage solution. 

Once you’ve worked with a Lamson knife, you’ll likely find what many chefs have: that just one simply won’t cut it. Search our array of sets, and find the preselected combinations designed just for you.  

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