Paring & Trimming Knives

Valued for the keen precision and close blade control they afford, our sleek paring and trimming knives are among the most versatile knives we know. They can make light work of a range of daily and specialized kitchen tasks.

Our Kudamono (sheep's foot) parer has a blunt tip and straight-edged blade for maximum surface contact, making it ideal for slicing and dicing small foods such as garlic, shallots, carrots, and celery. Our bird's beak parer, with its forward arching curve in the blade, is your tool for artful garnishing and working round fruits and vegetables. Our serrated paring knife is perfect for cutting through tough skins and rinds of tomatoes and citrus fruits, while the tapered blade on our classic trimming/boning knife allows close work around the bones and joints.

Choose the styles, sizes, and finishes that best fit your culinary world. Whether you’ve got a stew to start or a bone to pick, we predict these handy tools will quickly become your new darlings of the top left-hand drawer.