Serrated Steak Knives vs. Straight-Edge Steak Knives


The differences between a serrated knife vs. straight-edge knife are highlighted below to assist choosing the blade best for you. Meat lovers will waste no time tearing into their mouthwatering choice of steak, while others prefer a more subtle clean cut approach.

Essentially, it can be the feel of the knife in your hand, use and care or simply the look of it at a place setting, wherein the end – it ultimately becomes your personal preference.  

Serrated Knives

  • Effective large razor-sharp serrations on a rugged design blade
  • Cuts through any texture of steak with ease making slightly more rustic bites
  • Will retain it's cutting precision without sharpening for an extended period
  • RosewoodFire, Silver and Earth Series combine the hand-crafted beauty and sophistication of a forged blade with razor-sharp serrations.
  • Jumbo Steak Walnut Knives are a traditional, rugged steakhouse knife, designed for rugged durability.  

Straight-Edge Knives  

  • Beautiful and functional sleek design with a razor sharp edge
  • Slices through a steak almost like it's butter with a clean, non-tearing smooth cut
  • May require periodic sharpening  - depending on the use
  • Rosewood, Fire, Silver and Earth Series combine the hand-crafted beauty and sophistication of a forged blade with a sleek design.  
  • Vintage Steak Knives (coming soon) are our newest addition that combines a handsome, classic steak knife with a dishwasher-safe stabilized walnut handles.
  • Sharp for Life is a unique factory sharpening program for the Rosewood, Fire, Silver and Earth Series straight edge knives. This service provides customers professional knife sharpening by the Craftsmen who originally manufactured them.

Lamson steak knives are available in a variety of finishes and blades

Are quality steak knives really that important? You’ve just lovingly prepared a delicious meal for guests so you wouldn’t want their dining pleasure downgraded by using inadequate knives when trying to get a decent bite - right? The obvious benefits for great steak knives is that they feel good in the hand, are sharp and effective and enhance the dining experience. 


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