Sharp For Life

What is Sharp for Life™?

This unique factory knife sharpening program is designed so that Lamson customers can have their knives sharpened by the craftsmen who made them. Please note: $15.00 shipping charges for shipping and handling apply for up to the first (4) forged knives, $5.00 for each additional knife.

1.The Sharp for Life program applies to forged Lamson knives only.
2. The Sharp for Life Program is designed for home cooks only (no food service professionals, please)
3. Additionally, do not send scissors, shears, serrated knives or blocks.
4. Please make payments addressed and payable to: LongCap Lamson Products, 79 Mainline Drive, Westfield, MA 01085


Wrap clean Lamson knives in bubble wrap or several layers of newspaper even cardboard sleeves. Pack snugly into a box with packing paper, wrap, or peanuts.

Include a completed copy of the knife sharpening form. Be sure to list all knives.(Please request form at,

Also, be sure to include your full address (No P.O. Boxes) and it must have a daytime phone number.

Attach a check or money order for $15.00 to cover return shipping and handling for the first (4) knives. LongCap Lamson Products is not responsible for shipping charges.
Insure the securely packed parcel. Ship the package to LongCap Lamson Products.


79 Mainline Drive

Westfield, MA, 01085

Please anticipate a 2 week turn around under normal conditions.



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