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Testimonials and Customer Feedback

  • “Thank you very much, great customer service, I will be buying more. Thanks again.”  - Henry, North Carolina
  • "Got my “turners” today—WOW!!! Faster than I’d expected and much better than I’d anticipated. Couldn’t wait to flip my first egg and couldn’t be happier with the performance. Thanks again—nothing like using good tools!” - Roe, Harwich, Massachusetts
  • Like most people when they first get married, they have very little. This was the case for me and my wife. We were blessed to get a cheap knife set that worked for the first few years. As a relationship/family grows its kitchen needs grow as well. Our first knife set had become long past its prime only after 2 years, after 3 even the memory of them being sharp was as dull as the knives we had.

    In our first year of marriage, I had walked into a mom and pop kitchen store and noticed a display of nice kitchen knives. This memory grew in my mind as Mother's Day grew near, I decided it was time for something that would last. I found Lamson Sharp and to this day I'm glad I did. I have been married for 11 years and we use our knives daily and they have never been re-sharpened and are still crazy sharp. I know each knife comes with a sharp guarantee and can be sent back to get re-sharpened but we have never had the need.

    Chad's Knife CollectionSadly one of my steak knives broke this year and the wondering if the knifes lifetime warranty would be upheld set in. This thought was immediately extinguished the moment I contacted Lamson Sharp, instantly set at ease with their rapid response only found in companies that care. After this event I found myself getting a few more items to further expand my collection. I can't speak for the items soon to come but I have been known to show off my favorite knives, especially my santoku and my offset bread knife. The offset bread knife is ingenious, the raised handle saves my knuckles from the cutting board and is also the best melon knife ever.

    I hope this story helps others find the same solace in their kitchen knives as I have. Thank you Lamson for making truly quality items and standing by your products. -Chad Mortier, Topeka, KS
  • Good morning Lamson, We have received our Lamson knives and BBQ set! I chose your product after a few weeks of research and talking with an uncle of mine in NH. He has your product and is a great advocate of yours. I have been very impressed with your service and customer interface. I haven't hesitated to tell anyone about our experience with Lamson. Not because you have done what's expected but you and the team have gone above and beyond. I look forward to stopping by your shop when visiting family and expanding our set of Lamson cutlery.

    Thanks for not only a great product but a great experience in celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary! -Patrick Henry, Iowa

  • I just want to say thank you for having excellent service! Every year we create a desktop calendar contest for our customers and offer prizes to the monthly winners. Since we manufacture many of our products in the US, this year we wanted to offer as many prizes made in American as possible. While we put a lot of thought into what items our customers would enjoy winning, we never know if the actual purchase transaction will be timely and easy.  I'm happy to say Lamson Products has provided the best service we've experienced so far this year. Your website was easy to use and order from and we received the products in record time.  With your help, we were able to award our March winner their prize very quickly. Thank you. -Ginny Powell, Hager Companies


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