Chef’s Slotted Turner with Noir Ultra Durable Handle – 3″ x 6″ or 4″ x 9″ RIGHT or LEFT HANDED


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The Chef’s Slotted Turner is lightweight, flexible, and razor-thin, so it can flip eggs, fish, and crepes without causing damage. It is also strong enough to lift heavier foods like hamburgers. The long slots make it ideal for picking up objects in grease, oil, or other liquids. Our 3″ x 6″ and 4″ x 9″ Turners are available angled for right or left-handed use!

  • Signature Craftsmanship. Meticulously made in our Massachusetts facilities, each of our Noir Ultra Durable tools is finished to perfection using state of the art technology coupled with hand finishing.
  • Unmatched Quality. Made from American stainless steel with sturdy Noir Ultra Durable (polyacetal) handles and aluminum rivets.
  • Durable Design. Riveted, full-tang construction, built to resist heat, stress, and corrosion.
  • Superior Performance. With a variety of shapes and sizes, lift, flip, spread, or serve with just the right tool for the task.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Every Lamson product comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Description : 3″ x 6″ Turner, Chef’s Slotted, Noir Ultra Durable
Blade Material : 301 S/S
Handle Material : Noir Ultra Durable
Handle Color : Black
Blade Type : Laser Cut
Edge Type : Beveled Edge
Rivet Type : Aluminum
Blade length (in.) : 6
Blade Width (in.) : 3
Overall Length (in.) : 11
Overall Width (in.) : 3
Overall Height (in.) : 0.5
Item Weight (lbs.) : 0.2
Pkg Length (in) : 12
Pkg Width (in) : 3
Pkg Height (in) : 3
Pkg weight (lbs.) : 0.5
Package Type : Poly Bag
Warranty : LIFETIME

Description : 4″ x 9″ Turner, Jumbo Chef’s Slotted, Noir Ultra Durable
Blade Material : 301 S/S
Handle Material : Noir Ultra Durable
Handle Color : Black
Blade Type : Laser Cut
Edge Type : Beveled Edge
Rivet Type : Aluminum
Blade length (in.) : 9.75
Blade Width (in.) : 4
Overall Length (in.) : 14
Overall Width (in.) : 4
Overall Height (in.) : 0.5
Item Weight (lbs.) : 0.4
Pkg Length (in) : 12
Pkg Width (in) : 3
Pkg Height (in) : 3
Pkg weight (lbs.) : 0.7
Package Type : Poly Bag
Warranty : LIFETIME

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44 reviews for Chef’s Slotted Turner with Noir Ultra Durable Handle – 3″ x 6″ or 4″ x 9″ RIGHT or LEFT HANDED

  1. Mary B. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased to find a well made slotted spatula. Here’s to great fried fish.
    Thank you Lamson!

  2. Billy R. (verified owner)

    Got both sizes and they are great. Top notch USA quality product. Should last a lifetime and then some with proper care.

  3. Gloria C. (verified owner)

    We were trying to get the exact same fish turner because of the flexibility and the size. We have had the turner for quite some time and it is has the perfect flexibility. The fish turner we received was the exact same product from the exact same company. The fish turner is the same big size but the flexibility is not quite the same. It is not as flexible. The steel seems to be a little thicker. We bought two. One to add to our tools and one for our daughter and son in law who live in Westerly right outside of Watch Hill. Do you have a fish turner that size that is a thinner steel and very flexible

  4. marc h. (verified owner)

    I really like these, I am just a little concerned that they are a little flimsy but so far so good great feel

  5. Tessa C. (verified owner)

    Love this turner. Very sturdy. Does a great job flipping eggs

  6. Veronica N. (verified owner)

    I love this tool. Use it daily! Bought myself a second one, and several to give as gifts! Highly recommend!

  7. Andrew Z. (verified owner)

    I purchased this turner to use with a stainless steel frying pan, and I’ve been very pleased with how easily it slips under food and is able to handle stuck on pieces. The quality of the tool is also very good. I would recommend this product.

  8. Bruce G. (verified owner)

    I’ve used it several times so far – delicately turns fish. We’ll made and useful. I’ll go back to Lamson for more kitchen tools.

  9. jonathan U. (verified owner)

    theres only one. this is it. works perfectly great quality. just read others reviews.

  10. Jennifer R. (verified owner)

    My husband is the chef in our house and was thrilled to have a left handed tool. He is also extremely happy with the quality.

  11. Jane D. (verified owner)

    I was delighted to find left hand equipment on your site and I am enjoying my turner.

  12. Ben (verified owner)

    My wife and I are in the process of replacing all of our nonstick cookware with stainless, cast iron, and carbon steel. It’s time to finally get rid of our plastic spatulas. I did quite a bit of research and narrowed it down to this and the Wustof. I was extremely pleased with the Lamson Fire series chef knife I purchased so I decided to try out this spatula. It is a fantastic product that has turned into my go to item in the kitchen. It really is a great product. We got the POM handle since we are a little tough on our utensils. It is holding up great. I finally made an omelette without destroying it!
    Thanks Lamson.

  13. Cynthia C. (verified owner)

    I went on a quest to find my favorite fish spatula, and compared several different brands. Lamson is the winner.

    The Wüsthof was OK, but the handle was poorly made and not up to their standards. It became loose after only a few uses. The Miu also was OK, but the quality wasn’t quite as good, and even though it has France in the name, it was made in China. The HaSteel quality was awful. The metal had rough edges and the handle was crooked. The OXO was too big and poorly made. The handle on the Williams-Sonoma was too long and slippery.

    So my favorite is the Lamson. The edge is thin enough to get under delicate items, and the curved tip is just right. My preference is the one with a wooden handle, but if you want to run yours through the dishwasher, get the plastic handle. Lamson also makes a left handed model which I bought for my left handed friend.

  14. Tournages P. (verified owner)

    None, did not receive the product yet, it is taking ages…

  15. Cynthia C. (verified owner)

    I love using this fish spatula in my stainless steel and cast iron cookware. Don’t know how I’ve lived so long without one. After seeing an episode of America’s Test Kitchen where they reviewed fish spatulas, I went on a quest to find one I liked. ATK recommended the Wusthof, but I found it to be poor quality compared to the Lamson. I like the Lamson with the wooden handle best just because I like wooden handles.

  16. Brian G. (verified owner)

    Being left handed, this is a godsend! Great quality.

  17. Ronald Cole (verified owner)

    I just wanted to point out a couple of things not mention in the description.
    The 4”x9” spatula is 13.25”-13.75” tip to end of handle. (End is tapered).

    The high carbon steel is 420 grade and slightly magnetic.

    Best to hand wash, especially if you have a walnut handle.

    End of spatula is beveled and very sturdy with little give. Should be great for chopping cooked hamburger chunks.

  18. Christine W. (verified owner)

    These spatulas make flipping eggs, pancakes, meats, etc so easy. The beveled front edge is a great design. Plus they are very handsome tools and made in the USA!

  19. Virginia W. (verified owner)

    It was exactly what I’d wanted and hope it would be. Shipping was quick, too!

  20. Cheryl H. (verified owner)

    This slotted turner is fantastic. It’s thin, has just the right amount of flex, has a lovely beveled edge, and is the perfect size. I got one for Chirstmas and liked it so much, I bought a second.

  21. kirk w. (verified owner)

    Everything as advertised. Thanks. I will be looking at more products.

  22. Brendan R. (verified owner)

    I have been a chef for 20 years and this is by far the best fish spat I have ever used. Your products are always of the highest quality and stand up to the rigors of a professional kitchen.

  23. Rachel P. (verified owner)

    Chef Robert loves it

  24. Timothy S. (verified owner)

    It’s like having a custom made turner. Always looking for high quality left handed kitchen utensils. I give these as presents to my family and friends who appreciate cooking. I even keep a right handed one around for the goofball righties. They love it just the same.

  25. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    This spatula was gifted to me at Christmas. I’ve always struggled scraping the entire egg off the pan and flipping it in one piece. Not anymore thanks to this amazing instrument. Appreciate great craftsmanship and intact egg yolks. God Bless America.

  26. Frank K. (verified owner)

    Just arrived a few days ago from Amazon for $15.88 delivered, almost half price from Lamson’s Website. Excellent in every way! Great for eggs & strong enough for large burgers & whole fish! Extremely well made equal to others costing $60!

  27. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    Fine quality, completely satisfied.

  28. Cheryl R. (verified owner)

    Very good, some small sharp burrs were left on the handle where the metal tang was apparently not fully ground off but those could be filed down. Overall pleased with product

  29. Jeremiah J. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best spatula I ever used!

  30. Julie L. (verified owner)

    Giving this to my favorite left handed chef!

  31. Michele B. (verified owner)

    This turner is thin and nicely flexible as well. I had bought a “fish spatula” made with silicone and found it unusable, of course, as it was stiff. I’m so happy to have a quality product!

  32. Elizabeth C. (verified owner)

    Replaces several of my previously purchased turners because the Lamson’s so much better.

  33. Albert D. (verified owner)

    I have wanted one of these for a long time. Glad I got a Lamson. This will last a lifetime and is perfectly constructed.

  34. Kathleen C. (verified owner)

    This tool is so much more than just a spatula. I have used it to cut, to serve, to blend and stir. It is in daily use. My new favorite tool.

  35. Katharine P. (verified owner)

    Great, flexible enough to pick up everything without leaving shards in the pan. Seems very well made.

  36. Victoria A. (verified owner)

    Incredibly useful tool. The sharp edge makes it even more useful. Can be used for fish and many other things. Love it!

  37. William M. (verified owner)

    I owned a restaurant for 20 years, and used Lamson kitchenware. I’ve never been disappointed.

  38. Todd Stiewing (verified owner)

    Feels great in my hand and works well for all purposes!

  39. Frederick L. (verified owner)

    The best turner I now own. The size and shape, just feels right. Wish I had it years ago.

  40. Todd H. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the item. This was a Christmas gift for my wife and she loves it. Well made and I will be purchasing other products from Lamson in the future.

  41. Pauline I. (verified owner)

    Rare to find left-handed kitchen tools. This item is excellent!

  42. Cathy S. (verified owner)

    Love it. Perfect for use in stainless and cast iron. This is my second one for a vacation home.

  43. Wiliam P. (verified owner)

    Excellent, well made product.

  44. Rudy Cisneros (verified owner)

    I will have to say Lamson by far makes an outstanding product. This is what good quality Kitchen tools use to be.
    And Lamson has not compromised or cut corners. “Lamson the real deal”
    I am very happy with my Slotted turner and also have a order in for a Turning flat spatula

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