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Noir ultra durable kitchen tools

Discover the ultimate blend of durability and elegance with Lamson’s Noir Series of kitchen tools. Embrace the captivating allure of these highly durable kitchen tools, featuring tough synthetic POM material handles designed to withstand heat, moisture, and dishwasher use, ensuring long-lasting performance. Elevate your culinary domain with the modern sophistication and practicality of Lamson’s Noir Series.


Perfect Fusion of Durability and Elegance
Top Quality American Steel
Shimmering Silver Accents for Visual Delight
Crafted with Passion and Precision
Remarkable Strength
Comfortable Ergonomic Handles for Effortless Use
Effortless Maintenance & Dishwasher Safe
Lifetime guarantee
Durable and resilient
Tough synthetic POM material handles
A tool for every occasion

A Timeless Bond: POM and Noir Elegance

Elevate your culinary experience with the unparalleled durability of black POM handles. The Noir Collection brings forth the mastery of Polyoxymethylene, a high-performance engineering polymer known for its remarkable strength and resistance. Embrace the perfect balance of form and function as the black POM handles effortlessly withstand the demands of your daily cooking and dishwashing endeavors, while exuding an air of chic elegance. The fusion of noir charm and functional reliability is sure to captivate both your culinary skills and aesthetic sensibilities.

Shimmering Silver Accents

The Noir Collection takes center stage with its shimmering silver accents, creating a captivating contrast against the black POM handles. The nickel silver details catch the light, infusing each tool with a sense of artistic allure. Witness a symphony of visual delight as the dazzling silver complements the rich darkness of the handles, turning every kitchen tool into a mesmerizing centerpiece. Embrace the interplay of light and dark, sophistication and functionality, making every cooking session a mesmerizing performance.

Elegant Durability

Lamson’s artisans craft each Noir kitchen tool with passion and precision. The remarkable strength and resilience of black POM handles stand the test of time, preserving the collection’s dark elegance for years to come. With the Noir Series by your side, embark on an enchanting dance of durability and sophistication, where every culinary creation becomes a timeless masterpiece.

A Tool for Every Occasion

The Lamson Noir Kitchen Tools Collection offers an impressive array of versatile and essential culinary instruments. Whether you’re grilling juicy burgers or serving up delightful pies and cakes, our Hamburger Turner and Pie/Cake Server have got you covered. For perfectly mashed potatoes and smooth spreads, our Spud Masher and Sandwich Spreader are your go-to tools. The collection also features a Slotted Turner and Perforated Turner, ideal for flipping delicate items with precision. And don’t miss our Mini Avocado Masher, bringing efficiency and simplicity to your avocado recipes.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handles

As you hold the Noir Collection’s kitchen tools in your hands, you become the conductor of a culinary symphony, orchestrating every move with grace and precision. The ergonomic design of the POM handles provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly through your kitchen creations. Let the striking ensemble of black POM and shimmering silver accents inspire your culinary artistry and watch your cooking skills ascend to new heights.

Effortless Maintenance & Dishwasher Safe

The elegance of the Noir Collection goes beyond the kitchen and extends to easy maintenance. Rest assured that these kitchen tools are dishwasher safe, simplifying your cleanup process and allowing you to indulge in the culinary journey without worry. The Noir Collection not only elevates your cooking experience but also offers the convenience you deserve in your modern kitchen.

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