Become a Game Day BBQ and Tailgate Champion with Our BBQ Sets

Become a Game Day BBQ and Tailgate Champion with Our BBQ Sets

January 26, 2024

Take your game day BBQ and tailgate experience to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned tailgater or gearing up for the big game day, our BBQ sets are your secret weapons for becoming the ultimate champion. Let’s dive into the playbook and discover how our BBQ sets can elevate your grilling game and make you the tailgate hero.

Gear Up for the Win!

Our BBQ sets are more than just tools; they’re the champions of the grilling arena. From premier tongs to the turners, each tool is crafted for maximum performance, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any grilling challenge that comes your way. Let the tailgate BBQ set be your trusted companion as you gear up for glory.




The 4-piece Premier Barbecue Set includes a durable canvas bag and features a sleek Slotted Veggie & Fish Turner, Walnut handled Tongs, and a dedicated BBQ and Burger Turner with Rawhide loop.

Lamson’s Premier Walnut 4-Piece Deluxe Barbecue Set has been selected as a Good Housekeeping 2022 Kitchen Gear and Coffee Award Winner.

Crafted with the consumer in mind we’ve made this premier set with extra-long handles to keep you away from the flames while you’re grilling. The thick stainless steel is also designed to handle large cuts of meat with ease, making it the perfect BBQ set for any grill master. The riveted wood and steel construction are built to last, even under the hottest grilling conditions, while looking sleek and timeless.

We think they are the best BBQ tools available anywhere, and so do our customers!

This set includes:

  • 20” Slotted Fish Turner
  • The sleek design of this five-slotted, beveled-edge turner is based on Lamson’s ever-popular Original Slotted Turner (33777). With its thin, tapered blade, this tool is designed to handle fish, veggie burgers, and other delicate foods.
  • 20″ Premier Two-Tine Fork (33570)
  • This versatile 2 tine fork is prepared to handle all of your grilling needs, even up to the largest T-bone steak.
  • 20″ Premier Slotted Turner (33571)
  • This newly redesigned six-slotted, beveled-edged turner can gently lift delicate cuts of fish, yet its rugged construction allows it to happily handle hearty meats and burgers
  • 20″ Premier Barbecue Tongs (33572)
  • Lamson’s newly redesigned Premier Barbecue Tongs are made to tackle whatever is on your grill. These tongs won’t bend or weaken when gripping foods of any shape or size.
  • Carry Bag for Premier Barbecue Implements (52808)

Our bag is designed to securely carry and protect your Lamson Premier BBQ implements. Made from durable canvas and webbing.


Whether you’re at the stadium or your favorite tailgate spot, be prepared to steal the show with your grilling finesse. The Tailgater™ is designed for traveling with you to the game, the beach, camping, or wherever you need a well-made set of barbecue cooking tools. The 15-inch overall length makes it easy to store in a car, SUV, or RV. A choice of two sets that each include a FREE canvas bag that makes storing easy and convenient. Each piece has a rugged walnut handle that holds the hardened stainless steel tool firmly with two brass rivets.

This set includes:

  • 15-INCH TWO-TINE FORK (33670)
    The 2 tine barbecue fork has the perfect shape to lift the largest steaks.
  • 15-INCH ANGLED TURNER (33671)
    The turner measures 2-1/2 by 4 inches and has a slightly angled and beveled front edge for easy entry under fish and meat.
  • 15-INCH TONGS (33672)
    The tongs have serrated teeth set at an angle that provides a fast and firm grasp on all barbecue delicacies.
  • 15-INCH KNIFE (33675)
    The knife is 6 inches of sharpened stainless steel made by the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States, so it will make the cut.
  • Compact bag for easy travel: tailgating, gatherings or a picnic. (52807)

The Tailgater BBQ Set is your ticket to tailgating success. Compact, organized, and featuring all the essential tools, this set ensures you’re ready to tackle any grilling challenge. Impress your fellow fans with perfectly grilled burgers, hot dogs, and even game-day appetizers – all thanks to the power of precision in your hands.

Gear up, get ready, and make this game day and tailgate your most memorable yet. Our sets are your winning ticket to becoming the Tailgater Champion, scoring big with every perfectly grilled dish. So, fire up the grill, rally your fellow fans, and let the aroma of victory waft through the tailgate scene. It’s time to claim your title as the ultimate game day and tailgate champion.

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