Lamson’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For Moms Who Love to Cook!

Lamson’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For Moms Who Love to Cook!

April 26, 2024

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the remarkable mothers in your life by honoring their feminine strength, nurturing spirit, and unwavering confidence that makes them true leaders. Mom for President! With a deep appreciation for mothers everywhere, we draw inspiration from iconic women in American history who have profoundly shaped the essence of feminism – all while being a Mom!

Since the release of the Barbie movie last year, we’ve pondered the enduring attraction women have to the color pink and its significance. Some may dismiss it as trivial, but we believe pink holds a deeper meaning in feminine culture. Women own the color pink! Delving into our research on pink, we uncovered the influence of a few iconic women who propelled this color into the mainstream as a symbol of elegance and class. Mamie Eisenhower and Jackie O Kennedy, both First Ladies of the United States, inspired women to embrace feminism, confidence, and grace and are two icons that helped introduce the color pink into homes. They adorned the White House in pink, exuded elegance and high fashion, and demonstrated a genuine concern for the nation’s well-being.

Now, as we honor the legacy of these iconic women and celebrate the strength and grace of mothers everywhere, we present a curated Mother’s Day gift guide and introduce our newest color addition to our Vintage collection, Presidential Pink! Each gift in this collection pays homage to the spirit of femininity, empowerment, and timeless style, making it the perfect way to show appreciation for the remarkable mothers in your life.

For the Fierce Leader and Empowering Mom: These Pink Tools give complete the kitchen with elegance and grace!

The Vintage Series Knives and Tools feature an updated, ergonomic, hand-finished handle that has a traditional, timeless look and feel. The sleek oval-shaped tool handle fits any size hand. The nickel silver rivets complement the sleek pink POM handle and accent the stainless-steel blades.

Vintage Right-Hand Slotted Chefs Spatula with Pink POM handle
Vintage Mini-Masher with Pink POM handle
Vintage 2.5" x 4" Easy Entry Turner with Pink POM handle
Vintage Pie Server with Pink POM Handle

For the All Natural Mama: Crafted with diligence from North American maple, these professional-grade utensils are finished with mineral oil to impede cracking and drying. They shield against staining and odor absorption. TreeSprit Tools embody nature’s beauty while serving practical purposes in the kitchen.

Mom would love to know her wooden tools are quality made and always ready for use.

For the Mama with Timeless Style: Spoil mom with a Vintage 5-Piece Deluxe Chef’s Set. Elevate her kitchen with a touch of vintage elegance. This deluxe chef’s set combines functionality with timeless style, featuring beautifully crafted utensils that add a touch of sophistication to her culinary space.

The Vintage Series features an updated ergonomically friendly hand-finished handle that has a traditional, timeless look and feel. The sleek integrated bolster allows for a traditional or pinch-grip.

Knives are available with Stabilized Walnut Handles with Brass Rivets that complement the rich Walnut.

For the Pizza Lover: Lamson’s iconic Pizza Rocker has been updated with a one-piece solid Walnut Handle. The size and shape of the Pizza Rocker/Cutter ensures that your cuts will be straight and complete, and even the thickest, crustiest crust will yield quickly without shredding. One of its main functions is to cut through vertically from the top in a downward fashion, as opposed to using a rolling Pizza Wheel which can cause toppings to be pushed or dragged off the pizza.

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