Lamson’s Pizza Rocker Got An Upgrade!

Lamson’s Pizza Rocker Got An Upgrade!

April 5, 2024

Introducing the Ultimate Slicer

Attention, pizza enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike! Prepare to elevate your pizza-cutting game to new heights with the new and improved Pizza Rocker. We’ve taken our iconic Pizza Rocker to the next level with a solid Walnut Handle, ensuring not only style but also unparalleled functionality.

Gone are the days of struggling with flimsy pizza wheels that push toppings around and leave a mess in their wake. Our Pizza Rocker is designed for precision slicing, guaranteeing straight and complete cuts every time. Whether you’re dealing with a thick, crusty crust or a delicate artisanal masterpiece, this tool will glide through effortlessly without shredding or mishaps – making you a true pizza pro!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have introduced a Leather Sheath specifically crafted for the Pizza Rocker. This robust sheath provides protection for both the blade and your fingers during storage, ensuring your cutter remains sharp and safe for years to come.

Let’s talk features.

Crafted with signature Lamson craftsmanship, each Pizza Rocker is meticulously formed in our Massachusetts facilities, combining state-of-the-art technology with hand finishing for perfection in every detail. Made from premium American stainless steel and featuring a one-piece smooth walnut handle secured with four durable brass rivets, this cutter is built to last. Its full-tang construction is not only robust but also resistant to heat, stress, and corrosion—guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Designed with both function and comfort in mind, the Pizza Rocker offers superior performance in every slice. Lift, flip, spread, or serve—whatever the task, our tool is up to the challenge, delivering precision and ease with every motion.

Use your pizza rocker beyond just slicing pizzas, uncover a treasure trove of techniques, tips, and inventive applications.

  1. Desserts: Bid adieu to unevenly sliced desserts and cakes! Harness the precision of your pizza rocker to effortlessly slice through delectable treats like brownies, cakes, and pies. Say hello to perfectly portioned desserts, free from messy edges.
  2. Chopping Vegetable: The razor-sharp blade of your pizza rocker makes mincemeat of slicing and dicing your favorite veggies for salads, stir-fries, or any culinary creation.
  3. Sub Sandwiches: Employ your pizza rocker to slice through layers of meat, cheese, and bread —making every bite a delight.
  4. Pasta Perfection: Roll out your pasta dough and let your pizza rocker do the rest. Effortlessly cut your dough into long, even strips, transforming homemade pasta into a culinary masterpiece fit for any Italian feast.
  5. Fruit Fusion: From juicy watermelons to succulent pineapples, your pizza rocker is up for any fruit-slicing challenge. Effortlessly slice through large fruits, creating uniform pieces for refreshing fruit salads or vibrant garnishes.

With these ingenious uses and techniques, your pizza rocker transcends its role as a mere pizza slicer. It becomes your indispensable kitchen companion, ready to tackle a myriad of cooking and meal preparation tasks with finesse.

And here’s the cherry on top: every Lamson product comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Buy with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected for life.

12" Pizza Rocker with Walnut Handles



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