What is a Santoku Knife?

The Santoku Kitchen Knife 

The Santoku knife is the triple threat of kitchen tools. A Japanese word meaning “three virtues,” Santoku in the world of cutlery refers to the knife’s three primary functions: cutting, mincing, and dicing. Many pros and enthusiasts consider the Santoku knife’s performance in these areas to be second to none. When the Santoku knife is Lamson made, then, its performance may downright defy description.      

Comparable to the Chef’s Knife in many ways, the Santoku’s key distinction lies in its blade shape, which is less curved than its classic American cousin’s. This allows for the Santoku’s characteristic chopping motion, embraced by top chefs worldwide for its ultimate efficiency, precision, and speed. Our superbly crafted Santoku bears a textured Kullenschliff edge, also known as Granton or "K" Edge. These indentations form air pockets that help to keep food from sticking to the blade.

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