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Spring Roll Bowl

Prep time: Approximately 20-25 minutes  |  

Cook time: Approximately 5-10 minutes  |  

Total time: Approximately 25-35 minutes  |  

Servings: 2

Prep time: Approximately 20-25 minutes

Cook time: Approximately 5-10 minutes

Total time: Approximately 25-35 minutes

Servings: 2

Spring Roll Bowl

Spring Roll Bowl Recipe

A Delicious and Quick Plant-Based Meal

In a world brimming with culinary diversity, plant-based meals stand out as vibrant, flavorful, and incredibly satisfying. From nourishing Buddha bowls to hearty veggie stir-fries, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting delicious vegan dishes. Fraser Fitzgerald is a chef with a passion for showcasing how plant-based meals can be exciting, tasty, and never boring. We’re excited to share one of his recipes inspired by the beloved Chinese take-out staple – spring rolls.

Spring rolls hold a special place in many hearts, ours included. Fraser shares his take on a quick plant-based meal. While ordering Chinese take-out is convenient, there’s something truly rewarding about crafting your own meal at home. Spring roll bowls capture the essence of traditional spring rolls but with a modern twist – they’re deconstructed, allowing you to enjoy all the flavors and textures in a convenient bowl format. Not only do you have full control over the ingredients, but you also get to unleash your culinary creativity and tailor your dish to your taste preferences. Enjoy Fraser’s quick and easy Spring Roll Bowl Recipe and let us know what you think!



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    Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook the rice noodles according to the package directions. Drain and toss in 2 tsp sesame oil to prevent from sticking. Set aside.

  • 2

    In a bowl, combine all the ingredients for the creamy almond sauce, add water to thin out sauce and make it more pourable.

  • 3

    In a small pan, add the silvered almonds and heat over medium low heat. You want to toast the almonds, cook until golden brown. Stirring constantly. Once golden brown, add 2tbsp maple syrup and stir quickly. Cook for 20 seconds, be careful not to burn the maple syrup. Remove and pour onto a wax paper or parchment paper lined plate. Allow the almonds to cool.

  • 4

    Build your bowl, place the noodles at the bottom and top with all the raw veggies and tofu! Drizzle on that creamy almond sauce and garnish with cilantro, green onions and jalapeños! Dig in!


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